So what’s now?


Second life and VR are now mainstream and I do not know if this company is a mainstream company. So as many times during the pandemic and the last years I have been thinking about closing it down. I will always love SL and I am in VR everyday. But. Where to go from here. Is there still development possibilities for a small company or do it all belong to the big ones like FB?


I know a decision has to be made but I do not want to do it. I love my virtual worlds and my hypergrid and I will stay online as long as I can. But maybe not as active and as a pro. Age is also taking away from the equation.


It is time to decide.

Done some hypergrid jumping.


What you see in Opensim land is a lot of great builds. Different themes and builds just for fun. I always think what could these great builders have done with 2020 graphics in stead of 1999. I don’t think mobile apps will do a lot of for the SL/Opensim community. Apps have even worse graphics.


Exploring and shopping are just getting worse I the graphics and avatars don’t get updated soon. We want more not people on there phones looking in on the Metaverse.

Why is Second life still lagging.


I don´t get it. Many of us are sitting with really good graphics cards and a lot better computers than 10 years ago and SL still lag like crazy. Why?

It really shouldn’t´t. When you play a lot of simulators like I do with massive amount of graphics I have no lag even when I run them in VR. But SL is running on 10 frames on a more or less empty area.

There is something wrong here. I feel someone just do not care about there users to upgrade the viewer.