Now we need loops.


I am at Herederos at the (Opensim) hypergrid. There are a lot of people figures sitting and standing. It got me thinking about Westworld. Now we need loops. These people are totally static we need to create more live figures and put them in loops. Animating and live.

I think with AI this is the next big project. There is already some games with people. Now it is time for virtual worlds.

Moving to a new format for the blog


After having hundreds of logins and a lot of downloads are we now going to a smaller format for the blog. Want it to live a little bit more but get rid of all the  GDPR problems and a lot of other stuff. So a new and simple blog to follow what happens in virtual reality.

Done some hypergrid jumping.


What you see in Opensim land is a lot of great builds. Different themes and builds just for fun. I always think what could these great builders have done with 2020 graphics in stead of 1999. I don’t think mobile apps will do a lot of for the SL/Opensim community. Apps have even worse graphics.


Exploring and shopping are just getting worse I the graphics and avatars don’t get updated soon. We want more not people on there phones looking in on the Metaverse.