So what’s now?


Second life and VR are now mainstream and I do not know if this company is a mainstream company. So as many times during the pandemic and the last years I have been thinking about closing it down. I will always love SL and I am in VR everyday. But. Where to go from here. Is there still development possibilities for a small company or do it all belong to the big ones like FB?


I know a decision has to be made but I do not want to do it. I love my virtual worlds and my hypergrid and I will stay online as long as I can. But maybe not as active and as a pro. Age is also taking away from the equation.


It is time to decide.

2worlds2go will be the same.

We are now owned by Digital Kittens AB in Sweden. Some big hope that we will be more Kittens and can do more stuff in VR. The website will be the same and also the Hypergrid will continue to work as before.

Disclaimer. We will move some servers so there can be some disrupt on the  Opensim grid..,. Sorry.

But on the bright side we get a new High Fidelity sandbox. That will be fun.


All in all a nice day.

Website work continues on a stormy sea

The work on the website continues. It will change and GDPR will make it less social. I hope to find a way to keep the downloads in some form. Have to find some new servers though.


Now things do not look good for virtual worlds at the moment. Opensim and Second life getting old a the new worlds have no traction. Very few visits.Our grid looks like a desert and no one knows what to do.

I think virtual worlds will be back and i hope 2worlds2go will be a part of that. I continue my artwork and run 2worlds2go on the side to.

The road is open.