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We build new worlds



Building worlds

Creating worlds on a computer is a very time consuming occupation.

There are several tings you have to think of or you will overload the server or the graphics card.

more architecture

  •  You have to use as few polygons as possible but still get much of your value in speed and complexity. There are several ways to save polygon count. Many times you can torture a object in sych a way that you can use one insted of several to make a object.
  •  Reuse textures at many places. Texture memory is always a problem so you always have to find ways to do more with less. Try to use the same texture in different ways on many places. Saves the graphics card.
  •  Furniture eats objects. If many polys are used for a chair you will have to have less of those chairs. Sometimes its great to have beautiful sculptured object. But then try to fill up with low poly stuff around it. Saves the ram.