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  • Got my piece ready for OSG9B


    Got my exhibition piece ready for the Celebration of OSgrid. It is on the exhibition area. Everything starts 25 July and i try to be there to check things out.


    OS grid whas the first grid where i had a sim of my own. So always feel a little extra for it and there are some great builds. You should hypergrid over.

  • Hypergrid jumping to Sparkle

    I try to visit all grids that visit my grid. Today i came to Sparkle. Not a grid it is a sim and as i have been jumping a lot i do not know what grid i am on. I think that is one of the great things with the hypergrid. Just jump, explore and meet people.

    There is a avatar i suppose sleeping by the pool and it is a nice home sim. The guy at the pool kind of unresponsive. Another jump another day.

  • Is this art

    Is this art

    My projects span from icons to web with video, pictures and sound. Working in the digital world is now and i can get stuff out there very fast.

    I work with web and game

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