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I am the gamemaster @ 2worlds2go. You find me in Second life as 2worlds2go. Keeping track on things.

Found a error when you try to load 2worlds city oar on the latest Opensim server. Cant replace with a new until OSgrid gets back online.

Wait to download until 1.1 if you use Opensim 0.8.

A new faster server for downloads

.The cube server


If  my provider Loopia can do there thing. They are not very up to it.

Maybe we move the servers to US if it is not getting any better.


Try out for all of the new downloads.


Tools of the trade

I bought my first pro cameras when i was nineteen and photography have never stopped fascinating me. I have worked with photo as a artist but also in advertising and i had my own studio for a few years.


Now i work with pictures on the net. I love the digital cameras because i always hated working in the darkroom. The digital world is a new way of creating but basically the creative work is the same.