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When i am inworld i use my Oculus rift so if i do not answer the chat it is because i cant see my keyboard. Try voice.

cool LEA11_007

From Second life I wish you a new and virtual insane new year.


On my way to Riga on really slippery roads. Had time to send a postcard anyway. Hope for 2019 to be a very good sim year.

Some new mods and FS planes. Maybe a new Oculus, mine getting worn out.

Greetings ALL.

cool LEA11_005

Thank you for the cards. I am really bad to send some. In RL and in VR.

cool LEA11_006

I be inworld later. Never miss a X-mas in Second life.


Back at Opensim conference grid. Had to check my avatar and pick up a few things. The login worked and I got a new hat and hair. Found some old work stuff cloths so I am good to go on Saturday.

Unfortunately I have a dinner in RL on the evening but I do the most of it.

See you there