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When i am inworld i use my Oculus rift so if i do not answer the chat it is because i cant see my keyboard. Try voice.


It is really hard these days to get some flying done but today I got up in the air again. Short flight but a lot of fun.


Found this little piece of software on Steam early access. Could be a nice tool one day. I wish it would be this easy to build environments for VR or games.And fun. Playing around with it.

It is done by Oskar Stålberg @OskSta on Twitter.


I do my yearly walk around Fanatasy faire in Second life and find so many nice objects. Mesh really makes SL to be more near game graphics. And many new animesh animals and dragons. My viewer have a nice framerate even on a table like this. It is not Linden lab but all the talented creators who make all the new things. It makes me happy and get me a new hope that SL will be around for many years.


The next problem is lag. There have to be a server configuration that really will reduce lag. I do not know how LL servers take care of our avatars walking around but i think maybe special servers or faster networks. Something have to be done.


Sorry to say the new VorpX update broke all viewers. I have had a great time visiting VR worlds with VorpX but not anymore. Well I have a not updated VorpX so I can still use it. But there is no reason to put out any money for the VorpX if you are in SL or Opensim. It was a good run and now I have to wait for VR compatible viewer to come along.

Sorry to say for these worlds a great in VR.


Thinking about last year in VR at the nice club End of Days. Well for us it is not the end. As High Fidelity Inc did bite the virtual dust. 2worlds2go and I is fine. During 2019 we got a new owner and did almost all the updates in hard and software we could find.

So this year we are looking for new designs and new areas of business. Not abandoning SL and Opensim but believing that VR will have a great future.

Second life is still the biggest adult playground in VR and Opensim is for the enthusiasts.

We will continue to develop software for the flightsim community and try to find some new products.

I am really looking forward to 2020.And you know? I think it is fun to party in SL again. Can´t imagine what will happen next.

See you in VR.