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Hypergrid travelleling reporter and photographer for art space Magazine. VATSIM pilot and IVAO Tower controller. Building my own simulator.


Another great exhibition at The Two Shores gallery. RL art made for SL.

And a picture of the owner Mathilde Vhargon. The art you have to go and see.

Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna%20Carta/207/31/31


Hmm another bad art sale. Cheap art ripped of from somwhere on the net.

No This i do not like.

LA Gallery

And another nice exhib at LA Gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle%20Cove/59/32/36

Talullah Winterwolf makes some kind of graphic cut and paste art. And i really liked it.

Talullah "My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting is that  tells a story in some form or other."

If you have a moment go and see.

I like when you use the special way it is possible to make art in SL. Prims and and space filling out the world. Second life is it´s own media. A very special way to do artworks,

I do not know what this piece is about but i like the way it is done. You find it at:


Pirates is one of my fav gallerys.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SAS%20La%20Rochelle/135/75/23

Always  some good art to see.

An this time it is something of a weekness for me Steampunk. Some pictures of zeno.ochs (fredx). http://www.technicalentity.com/vertexartgroup.html

Walk around and look.