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Software developer, 3D architect and tech aficionado.? Nilsart gallery owner in Second life. Opensim grid runner and virtual world citizen.

I do builds and script.

RL server admin, artist and retired developer.

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Just sitting in the shadow thinking about all the new areas. Been visiting some of the pre built. Who do Linden Lab think is going to live in all these houses? And there is a lot of them.

I do not get it.

Visited the project and i dressed to fit in. As i am a builder myself i always like visiting a nice well built sim.

As a virtual photographer it is also nice to be able to take some  pictures. An well spent day in SL.

I just have to do some training with the camera.


Sometimes I draw. Just wanted to put up a old one here.

We have a new facebook page. Now it is run by me Nils Ophelia.

This is almost how i look in real life.


Hope it will work out nice.

See you in world Nils.