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memeArt space magazine for virtual art and design on the web in virtual worlds. There are many spaces out on the web where artists create their new version of the hypergrid. Virtual spaces with a new look on art and new tech. Headsets as the Oculus is changing the way to experience art. Everywhere there are new and exciting designers and artists. We follow.


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Cyberserenityś blog

14 May 2021

Content for virtual worlds and simulation.
  • Another gallery another day in SL.

    I visit gallery's almost every day in Second life. The art scene in SL is really full of creative people. I cant visit gallery's in Sweden because they are all closed or open only on strange hours. So I stay home and visit a gallery a day in SL instead. I see a lot of great art from my home.

  • So far Second life have gone.

    Today I visited a island with a lot of animesh animals. Really fantastic how far animators, builders and creators have pushed this really crap system. I am sorry but SL is old, very old compared to the graphics engines of today. I don´t understand how LL is going to survive if they just leave this thing alone and do not upgrade. Many jobs and money going down the drain. When a old VorpX makes it possible to run SL in VR and LL can´t even come up with a viewer that works.

    Well it is still nice to explore the world and see what all great creators do to battle the system. Really liked the animals.

  • A new time for my blog.

    It is time to move the blog again and I do not know how really it have been at this website for ever. But I will still be in SL and Opensim. Take pictures and do stuff. Maybe I move it to a WordPress account.

    Anyway today I visited Paris and did some pics. A good day.

  • To be or not to be?

    I have benne battling with myself if we should stay in Second life and Opensim for some time now. Opensim conference did not get any good answers. Is this thing going to be around for many more years or it just slowly dying?

    But then you stumble on something so cool as this toilet. Just so creative and fun.

    I think I found a way and going to do some checking and calculating. It is not dead yet.

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