2worlds2go digital studio.

We build new worlds.

We do

The we do

We are a Digital media production studio and content creation company for the web and games located outside of Lund in the southern part of Sweden.

We do graphic design, texture work, and web templates for interactive web sites.
We do websites running from ASP and flash, script and html.
We do web media, Magazine and books in PDF and flash format.
We create software, graphics and content for virtual worlds, games and Second life.

We research and design games, virtual worlds and online communities.
We create virtual spaces for sales. Promotions and virtual conferences.
We do sim planning, terraforming and scripting for Opensim and Second life
We connect games to servers and then learn users to have fun with technology

We install hardware and write software both for experimental purposes and working applications.
Working with Open source software solutions on both ASP .Net and in Linux environments
We run several websites connected to virtual worlds and art.

We also run several Linux servers running openSUSE with mySQL ,Apache and Opensim. On the internal virtual world grid we develop content for Second life and the web.

We are a hybrid between entertainment and art.


About us

The new license agreement

It is kind of sad but we have to change the license agreement from Creative commons to a commercial license. It is our insurence company that want it so thats the way to go. I hope you still will download and use our software and graphics.

Working on some changes

I am working on some changes for the new downloads. I am sorry to say that we are leaving the Creative commons license for some of the new downloads. And a new EULA is coming.


And stuff will be downloadable and usable for US and Canada but but you may not use it. Our insurence company tells us we cant sell stuff in north america. So looking for a partner company for the US. To many lawyers.


I do some work on the website then i will concentrate at getting all the half ready OARs ready. Thats something positive.


Contact info


In second life: 2worlds2go

We use skype and mail.

Skype name: a2worlds2go

Contact: Skype name a2worlds2go or telephone in Sweden.(+46 (0)46 2885325)

mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2w @ facebok

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