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I am the site boss. If anything breaks contact me.

You can see our downloads on the 2worlds2go grid if you are thinking of downloading during Avatarfest.

newairport 002

Welcome to take a look.

Hypergrid adress hg.2worlds2go.eu:8002

theairportopensim_001 Tomorrow Avatarfest starts. I have a exhibition and i will try to be around as much as i can. hypergrid: avatarfest.net:6000 Tomorrow i will do new uploads of 2worlds city and the airport OAR:s. Some new uploads and making them work together. Bridges. There will also be a new OAR called Paradise but it is a big sandbox or whatever you want it to be. It fits with the other islands. looking forward to a party on the grid.

Opensim is now such a stable piece of software and used all over the hypergrid so i am moving it to the main site. Not for the research pages it is today software we use daily and in production even if it is beta.

If you have created a new account in the latest days. You may have to do it again. We have reset the database and website. After some server errors.

Anyway Welcome back.

After a big update something went wrong with the downloads.

Thanks to nice people they are back up.


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