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Virtual world artist and blogger. Developer of software and stuff. Read more at My blog

When i am inworld i use my Oculus rift so if i do not answer the chat it is because i cant see my keyboard. Try voice.

Title Created Date Hits
Hypergrid jumping to Sparkle 15 June 2016 5830
Hypergrid jump to Torino Italy. 30 May 2016 6102
Finally a new home in Second life. 26 May 2016 6241
Another transport for 2worlds2go logistics. 16 May 2016 5959
Checking out the Great Canadian grid. 15 April 2016 6736
Whats happening. 23 March 2016 6810
All over Second Life. No one there. 10 March 2016 7067
Beginners by Cica Ghost 27 January 2016 10423
The world turns even if I do not blog 11 January 2016 7532
Opensim conference 2015 05 December 2015 8517



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