hi i love airport.oar

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1 year 7 months ago #11 by evilvic71
evilvic71 created the topic: hi i love airport.oar
I put the airport on osgrid it was small place and not much fun , BUT on that same not I put in on sim-on-a-stick ina region format that I am the onlyone I know that tried using the region is this for setup!!!!

[simonastick 1]
RegionUUID = "ae823f8a-edcc-4351-b797-0e1072b312a8"
Location = "2339,1446"
SizeX = 3072
SizeY = 3072
InternalAddress = ""
InternalPort = 9100
AllowAlternatePorts = False
ExternalHostName =

and it is amazing with the plane I have that works with good scripts I have many plany but only one that flys well great stuff thank you very much on the airport.oar nice theem love it on sim-on-a-stick mega region I have some pics but do not know how to put them so all can see NICE WORK

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